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DDoS Attacks on the Rise, Projected to Increase in 2017

DDoS Attacks on the Rise, Projected to Increase in 2017

In an alarming statistic, DDoS attacks have increased by 138% this year, according to a study by Akamai. With the holiday season now in full swing, it seems like everywhere you look in IT news there are articles after articles of  new attacks that are bringing down juggernaut companies. Unfortunately, it’s not just big-name companies feeling the effects, small businesses are being attacked, too.

Some security experts are blaming this alarming rise of recent attacks on the rise of network connected Internet of Things (IoT), devices like security cameras and digital recording devices, and clearly the heating system in Finland. One hacking group was even renting out the world’s biggest botnet at 7500.00 dollars a pop, according to this article in Forbes. What motivates these hackers is unknown, but many speculate that some do it purely for fun, out of boredom, or by anarchy for hire schemes for corporate espionage.

In what was possibly the biggest singular attack in America this year, DDoS hackers went after New Hampshire-based company, Dyn, who hosts large clients like Twitter, Reddit, Etsy, About.com and CNBC. Some news outlets reported that this attack “shut down half the internet”, even though it was resolved fairly fast.

However, global hackers successfully knocked the entire country of Liberia (!!) offline and one DDoS attack reportedly knocked out a heating system for almost 2 blocks worth of apartments in Finland over the winter. Heating systems! When you think about the possibilities of everyday items like smart TVs, cash registers, and even gas pumps that rely on wireless networking that could potentially be turned against us in a DDoS attack, you start to think that it’s only a matter of time before entire cities (or in the case of Liberia, an entire country) are at the whim of hackers.

Companies like Amazon, for example, are finally putting the screws to DDoS Hackers, by unveiling new technologies that are designed to stop the spread of the attacks. You can read more about that here: Amazon Web Services Unveils “Sheild”

But still, combating the millions of attacks is going to require more of a global effort amongst security professionals, and coordination will be the key to putting hackers in their place.

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